10 Annoying Car Dealership Sales Tactics

High-Pressure Sales: Salespeople may create a sense of urgency, suggesting that a deal is only available for a limited time to pressure the buyer into making a quick decision.

Bait and Switch: Dealers advertise a specific car at a low price to lure customers in, only to reveal that the car is no longer available. They then try to sell a more expensive model.

Adding Unnecessary Extras: Salespeople may try to include add-ons like extended warranties, paint protection, and gap insurance, significantly inflating the final price.

Long Negotiation Process: Dealerships often drag out the negotiation process, hoping that the longer a buyer stays

Focusing on Monthly Payments: Salespeople may concentrate on monthly payments instead of the total cost

Spot Delivery Scam: This involves letting the buyer take the car home before financing is fully approved

Four Square Method: This old sales tactic involves drawing a square on a piece of paper divided into four parts

Lowballing Trade-Ins: Offering an unfairly low price for the buyer’s trade-in vehicle is a common way to make up for discounts given on the new car purchase.

Holding Onto Your Keys or License: Some dealers take your car keys or driver’s license to appraise your trade-in and are slow to return them

False Sense of Friendship: Salespeople may try to build a false sense of friendship or trust, making it emotionally harder for buyers to negotiate aggressively or walk away from a bad deal.

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