10 Best Motor Oil Brands, Ranked

Mobil 1: Widely recognized for its advanced synthetic formulas, Mobil 1 offers exceptional wear protection, engine cleanliness, and performance at high temperatures.

Castrol: With a strong reputation in motor sports and automotive lubrication, Castrol provides high-quality oils suitable for a wide range of vehicles

Valvoline: Known for introducing the world's first high mileage oil, Valvoline continues to innovate with products designed for every engine type.

Royal Purple: Royal Purple's synthetic oils are popular among automotive enthusiasts for their performance and engine protection benefits.

Amsoil: Pioneers in synthetic motor oil, Amsoil has a strong following among enthusiasts for its focus on long-lasting performance and protection

Pennzoil: Pennzoil offers motor oils made from natural gas, not crude, through their PurePlus Technology, providing cleaner and more efficient options.

Shell Rotella: Especially popular in the heavy-duty engine market, Shell Rotella provides excellent protection for diesel engines

Total: A major player in the global oil market, Total produces a wide range of high-quality lubricants for various vehicle types, emphasizing engine protection and efficiency.

Quaker State: Offering reliable performance at a reasonable price, Quaker State's motor oils are a popular choice for everyday driving, with options including advanced durability and high mileage formulas.

Liqui Moly: This German brand is highly regarded for its premium synthetic motor oils and additives, designed to enhance engine performance and longevity.

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