10 Freeze Smashed Fruit And Honey For A Delicately Sweet Snack

Strawberry Honey Bites:

Mash strawberries and mix with honey. Spread the mixture into bite-sized portions on a tray and freeze.

Blueberry Honey:

Crush blueberries and mix with honey. Pour the mixture into ice cube trays and freeze for fruity, sweet ice cubes.

Honey Sorbet Bites:

Smash ripe peaches, blend with honey, and freeze in small molds for a peachy sorbet snack.

Mango Honey Popsicles:

Puree mangoes, add honey, and freeze the mixture in popsicle molds for a tropical frozen treat.

Kiwi Honey Granita:

Smash kiwi fruit, mix with honey, and freeze in a shallow dish. Scrape with a fork for a granita-like texture.

Honey Yogurt Bites:

Combine mashed mixed berries with honey and swirl into Greek yogurt. Freeze in small portions for yogurt bites.

Grape Honey Clusters:

Coat grapes in honey and freeze on a tray for sweet and refreshing grape clusters.

Raspberry Honey Gelato Bites:

Mash raspberries, mix with honey, and freeze in small bite-sized portions for a fruity gelato-like treat.

Watermelon Honey Slushies:

Blend fresh watermelon chunks with honey and freeze in a slushie form for a hydrating snack.

Banana Honey Ice Cream:

Freeze mashed bananas mixed with honey for a simple, creamy, and naturally sweet banana ice cream.