10 Items To NEVER Buy At Thrift Stores

Helmets: Safety gear like bike or motorcycle helmets can be compromised by previous impacts that aren't visibly apparent, potentially offering less protection.

Car Seats: Similar to helmets, used car seats may have unseen damage or could be expired, missing parts, or have been recalled, making them unsafe for use.

Mattresses and Upholstered Furniture: These items can harbor bed bugs, dust mites, and other allergens. They can also be difficult to thoroughly clean.

Non-stick Cookware: Used non-stick pans and pots might be scratched or damaged, which can compromise their non-stick surface

Electronics: Older or used electronics may not meet current safety standards, could be near the end of their life

Shoes: Worn shoes can have molded to the original owner's feet, potentially causing foot problems. They may also be worn out and provide inadequate support.

Makeup and Personal Care Items: Opened or used makeup and personal care products can be a breeding ground for bacteria and cause infections.

Baby Bottles and Feeding Accessories: These items can have wear and tear that's hard to clean thoroughly

Swimwear and Undergarments: For hygiene reasons, it's generally advisable to avoid buying these items used, unless they are new with tags.

Safety Devices: This includes smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers, which may not function as intended if they are past their expiry date or have been previously used.

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