10 Necessary Hygiene Steps Almost No One Does And Should

Cleaning Your Phone Regularly: Mobile phones are a breeding ground for bacteria, as they come into contact with numerous surfaces and rarely get cleaned.

Washing Hands After Handling Money: Money changes hands frequently and can carry germs. It's advisable to wash hands thoroughly after handling cash or coins.

Changing Towels and Washcloths Frequently: Towels and washcloths can harbor bacteria

Disinfecting High-Touch Surfaces at Home: Doorknobs, light switches, and remote controls are often neglected in routine cleaning.

Cleaning Underneath Your Fingernails: Dirt and bacteria can accumulate under the nails.

Using a Tongue Scraper: Bacteria can accumulate on the tongue, leading to bad breath and other oral health issues.

Washing Reusable Shopping Bags: These bags are eco-friendly but can become contaminated with food bacteria.

Disinfecting Your Wallet or Purse: Just like mobile phones, wallets and purses are frequently handled and rarely cleaned.

Cleaning Eyeglasses and Sunglasses: Glasses can accumulate oils, dirt, and bacteria from your face and hands. Cleaning them regularly can prevent skin irritation and ensure clearer vision.

Showering After Being in Crowded Places: Showering after visiting crowded places can help remove germs you might have come into contact with, reducing the risk of skin infections and illness.

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