10 Things People Continue to Pay For That Are Nothing Short of Highway Robbery

Cable TV Subscriptions: With the rise of streaming services offering more flexibility and lower prices, many find the high cost of traditional cable subscriptions hard to justify.

Brand-Name Prescription Drugs: Generic drugs often offer the same benefits as their brand-name counterparts at a fraction of the cost, making the premiums for brand names seem exorbitant.

Designer Fashion: The markup on luxury fashion items often reflects brand prestige more than material quality, leading many to question their value.

Extended Warranties: Often priced disproportionately high compared to the actual risk of needing a repair, extended warranties can be a questionable investment.

Gourmet Coffee from Cafes: Buying coffee daily from high-end cafes can add up quickly, especially when home-brewed coffee is much cheaper.

Bottled Water: In places where tap water is safe to drink, the price of bottled water can be hard to justify, especially considering the environmental impact.

In-Game Purchases and Microtransactions: Video games that require additional payments to unlock basic content or to progress can end up costing consumers far more than the initial purchase price.

Textbooks: The high cost of college textbooks, which are often only slightly revised each year, can seem like an unjustifiable expense, especially with the availability of used or digital alternatives.

Gym Memberships People Don’t Use: Paying for a gym membership that goes unused is a common regret, particularly when there are many free or lower-cost ways to stay fit.

High-Interest Credit Cards: Using credit cards with high-interest rates for purchases can lead to paying much more than the original price of items, especially if balances are carried over month to month.

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