8 Things You Can Get for Free at Pharmacies

Flu Shots and Other Vaccinations: Many pharmacies offer free flu shots and other vaccinations, such as shingles or pneumonia, through insurance plans.

Blood Pressure Checks: Pharmacies often have blood pressure machines that customers can use for free.

Diabetes Monitoring Supplies: For those with diabetes, some pharmacies provide free glucose meters when you purchase test strips

Medication Flavoring: Pharmacies, particularly those with a focus on family health, may offer to add flavoring to liquid medications to make them more palatable for children at no extra cost.

Antibiotic and Prenatal Vitamin Programs: Some pharmacy chains run programs offering select antibiotics

Medication Disposal: To promote safe disposal of unused or expired medications and prevent drug misuse

Consultation Services: Pharmacists provide free consultation services, offering advice on prescription medications, over-the-counter products, and general health inquiries.

Health Screenings and Wellness Events: Some pharmacies host free health screening events, covering cholesterol levels, glucose levels, and other health indicators. These events may also include wellness checks and consultations.

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