9 Repair Requests Home Buyers Should Not Ask of Sellers

Cosmetic Flaws: Minor issues such as peeling paint, small nail holes in walls, or easily replaceable fixtures should not be deal-breakers.

Normal Wear and Tear: Homes that have been lived in will show signs of wear. Requesting repairs for minor scuffs on floors

Inexpensive Repairs: Asking for repairs that are low cost and easy to fix, like replacing doorknobs, light bulbs, or a broken outlet cover, may unnecessarily complicate negotiations.

Landscaping or Exterior Aesthetics: While curb appeal is important, asking the seller to undertake landscaping work or exterior cosmetic updates is typically beyond what is reasonable for repair requests.

Window Issues That Don't Affect Functionality: Minor issues with windows, such as old windows that still function or cosmetic damage to frames

Aged Appliances That Still Work: If older home appliances are functioning, requesting replacements simply because they aren't new can be seen as an overreach.

High-End Upgrades: Asking for high-end replacements or upgrades (e.g., granite countertops instead of laminate) is generally not appropriate.

Code Compliance for Non-Safety Related Issues: For older homes, some aspects may not be up to current code but are "grandfathered" in.

Superficial Flooring Issues: Cosmetic issues with flooring, such as minor scratches or discoloration, should not be a focus.

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