9 Thoughts That Only Appear When A Relationship Is Ending

"We don't enjoy each other's company anymore." Enjoying each other's company is a cornerstone of any relationship.

"We have the same arguments over and over." Repeated arguments about the same issues can indicate unresolved problems and a lack of progress in the relationship.

"I feel relieved when we're not together." Feeling a sense of relief or freedom when apart can signify that the relationship is more of a burden than a source of support and happiness.

"I'm curious about dating other people." Starting to fantasize about being with someone else or wondering about being single again can indicate dissatisfaction with the current relationship.

"I'm more myself when I'm with others than with my partner." If you find that you can be more authentic and relaxed with friends or family than with your partner

"Our goals and values have diverged." Fundamental differences in life goals, values, or beliefs that become more apparent over time can lead to the realization that the relationship has a limited future.

"We don't support each other's growth." A healthy relationship involves mutual support and encouragement for personal development.

"I don't miss them when we're apart." In a strong relationship, partners tend to miss each other during separations.

"Our relationship feels more like an obligation." When the relationship starts to feel more like a duty rather than a choice made out of love and desire to be together

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