Meet the Trainer Who Keeps Jane Fonda and Jamie Lee Curtis Fit

Meet the renowned trainer who plays a pivotal role in keeping Hollywood icons Jane Fonda and Jamie Lee Curtis fit and fabulous.

While I don't have real-time information, as of my last update in January 2022, their trainer was none other than Heather Dorak.

Heather Dorak is a highly respected fitness expert and founder of "Pilates Platinum," a fitness studio known for its innovative approach to Pilates.

She has earned a reputation for her ability to transform and maintain the fitness levels of celebrities like Jane Fonda and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Dorak's training methods often combine Pilates with other forms of exercise and emphasize holistic health and well-being.

Her expertise in tailoring workouts to individual needs has contributed to her clients' continued success in maintaining their fitness and vitality.

It's worth noting that the fitness industry is dynamic, and trainers may change over time.

For the most up-to-date information on Jane Fonda's and Jamie Lee Curtis's trainers, I recommend checking recent news articles or their official social media profiles.

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