Retired But Want To Work? Try These 10 Low-Stress Jobs for Seniors

Consultant: Leveraging years of experience in a specific field, seniors can offer their expertise to businesses or individuals.

Tutor or Educator: For those with a background in education or a particular subject matter, tutoring students can be a rewarding and flexible job.

Retail Greeter or Customer Service Assistant: Many retail stores look for friendly faces to welcome customers or assist them in a non-stressful capacity

Library Assistant: Working in a library can be a quiet and low-stress job, perfect for those who love books and helping people find information.

Garden Center Worker: For those who enjoy being outdoors and have a green thumb, working in a garden center can be therapeutic and low stress.

Freelance Writer or Editor: Seniors with a knack for writing or editing can take advantage of freelance opportunities.

Pet Sitter or Dog Walker: For animal lovers, pet sitting or dog walking can provide both physical activity and companionship.

Art or Music Instructor: Retirees with a talent in the arts can teach their skills to others.

Non-Profit Volunteer Coordinator: Working for a cause one is passionate about as a volunteer coordinator can be incredibly rewarding.

Tour Guide: For those who live in areas with historical significance or natural beauty, working as a tour guide can be an exciting way to share knowledge with others while staying active.

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