The 10 best nature documentaries and docuseries

Planet Earth:

A sequel to the groundbreaking "Planet Earth," this series explores diverse habitats and showcases stunning footage of wildlife from around the globe.


Our Planet:

Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, "Our Planet" focuses on the impact of climate change on ecosystems and features breathtaking.

Blue Planet:

This series delves into the world's oceans, revealing incredible marine life, unique behaviors, and the challenges faced by aquatic ecosystems.

The Serengeti Rules:

Based on the book by Sean B. Carroll, this documentary explores the work of scientists who discovered key ecological rules governing life on Earth.

Before the Flood:

Presented by Leonardo DiCaprio, this documentary examines the effects of climate change and explores potential solutions to environmental challenges.

Chasing Coral:

Focused on coral reefs, "Chasing Coral" documents the devastating effects of coral bleaching and the urgent need for coral reef conservation.

Wild China:

This series provides a stunning look at the diverse landscapes and wildlife of China, showcasing the country's natural beauty.

The Ivory Game:

A documentary highlighting the illegal ivory trade and its impact on elephant populations.


Set in the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, this documentary follows the efforts to protect the park's wildlife.

March of the Penguins:

Narrated by Morgan Freeman, this documentary follows the extraordinary journey of Emperor penguins in Antarctica as they mate.