These Are the 10 Loneliest Cities in the U.S.

Washington, D.C. - Nearly half of all households consist of single individuals, reflecting the city's significant population of government workers and professionals who may live alone for various reasons.

Birmingham, AL - Close to half of the households in Birmingham are single-person households, highlighting a significant increase in individuals living alone, especially during and post-pandemic.

St. Louis, MO - In St. Louis, 47.5% of households are occupied by one person, making it the city with the highest percentage of men living alone in the country.

1. Atlanta, GA - This city ranks as the second "loneliest" in the South, with a notable percentage of both men and women living alone.

Cleveland, OH - Rounds out the top 5, with a significant portion of the population living alone

Pittsburgh, PA - Features a high percentage of single-person households, contributing to its ranking among the loneliest cities.

Cincinnati, OH - Known for a considerable number of individuals living by themselves, reflecting broader national trends.

Alexandria, VA - Located near Washington, D.C., it's particularly noted for having a high percentage of women living alone.

Minneapolis, MN - Among the cities with a significant portion of the population living alone, indicating a trend towards solitary living arrangements.

Richmond, VA - Completes the list, reflecting the ongoing trend of increasing single-person households in urban areas.

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