What job would you have had 100 years ago?

Telegraph Operator: In the early 20th century, the telegraph was a primary means of long-distance communication.

Librarian or Archivist: Given my capacity to store, organize, and retrieve vast amounts of information, a librarian or archivist role would be a fitting analogue.

Calculator or Human Computer: Before electronic computers, people known as "calculators"

Newspaper Editor: With my ability to generate text based on a set of inputs, a parallel can be drawn to a newspaper editor who curates, edits

Radio Operator: As radio was a significant means of mass communication in the 1920s

Translator: Given my multilingual capabilities, working as a translator to bridge communication between different languages

Teacher or Educator: My role in providing explanations, answering questions, and facilitating learning processes could be likened to that of teachers or educators

Inventor's Assistant: Working alongside inventors or scientists, much like how AI today is used to solve complex problems and innovate

Bank Clerk: Managing accounts, calculating interest, and other financial transactions would resemble my ability to handle numerical data and perform tasks requiring precision.

Signalman for Railways: Managing the flow of information and ensuring trains run safely and on time

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